6XL BAD AZZ BARZ (Serves up to 12 cut in half, or cut them in 4's for bite size pieces!)

*This product is heafty and can only be boxed. We are happy to includle an empty freezer bag in your box. Please let us know in the mandatory field below. 


This is the OMG Bar of 2020! We suggest getting a big cup of milk for this one.  A layer of Oreo Cookie Pie Crust, Chocolate City Brownie, layers of Oreo Cookies.....Special Dark Hershey's Chocolate Barz sandwiched in the middle....and another layer of our Chocolate City Brownie. 


But wait, we aint even done yet! Big AZZ Oreo Cookie Crumbles go on top. These are the thick crumbles used in milk shakes OKAY! And last but not least - even more Chocolate drizzled under the crumble and on top! This will send you into a coma and we aint payin the medical billz haha. 

Ultimate Brownie Obsession

  • Hidden Secret

    If you microwave this Bar just a tad bit, it becomes an Ultimate Mississippi Mud Pie. The Hershey's Bar in the center will melt and the Chocolate on top will slide down like a volcano!  Try it out with your favorite ice cream and indulge yourself!