Be the first to buy one of our very own custom Swag Holiday Mug of all time! Every year the design will change, giving you the chance to collect them all over time!


Gift Set comes with:

Holiday Mug
2 single servings of our signature Chocolate City Fudge Brownie Mix 

Directions included on a festive, swagged out Christmas printed card.
(1)Red Gift Box

(1)Gold Dot Box


 A super fudgy brownie made in a mug and cooked in the microwave and completely eggless.


This single serving dessert is ready in less than 5 minutes! Just heat, eat and enjoy with whipped cream topping or your favorite ice cream!


This will make the perfect gift for someone that has it all, but never had a Swag Brownie Dessert!


Because the brownie is so rich and fudgy, the single serving size will be small-- just like your typical brownie slice.


This recipe will only rise about 2/3 of the way in an 8 oz mug. This mug cake is best eaten warm a few minutes after it is cooked.


Ingredients: Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder Flour Salt Sugar Chocolate Chips You will need: Milk or Vegan MilkButter or OilVanilla Extract (suggested but not required)

Brownie Mug Gift Set