Your mask doesn't have to be boring during COVID!   Rock our personalized and unique Designer Swag Masks while practicing social distancing in style!


Night out?  Wear this while hanging out with the girls!  Make a fashion statement that fits your personality.  


Each mask can directly touch your skin and it has a removable filter to keep you safe. Free removable nose guard and 1 single filter included. Thick breathable fabric with rhinestones make this a good quality mask to invest in!


Select your design from the drop-down menu.


1 Adult mask per purchase due to inventory limitations.  One Size fits most.  Non-returnable/Non refundable. Not suitable for children under 14 due to size. 


100% made in the US!



Designer Swag Mask

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  • Fashion Mask Info

    This is a fashionable  mask that is washable, handmade, reusable (must remove the filter to wash) 


    1. Implementation standards:  FZ/T 73049-2014
    2. Security level B (can directly touch the skin)
    3. Fashionable designer, dustproof, sunscreen, warm masks



    1. This fashionable non-medical mask is handmade, reusable, hand washable. No protection against toxic gases.  Please wear and use with caution if you have skin allergies. Must remove the filter and nose guard to wash.
    2. This product bag can be recycled and the mask can be put back into the bag after use.