We do not guarantee that the entire bag will remain in single squares. We have a standard way of cutting the product and so that's how they are produced and packaged.


Due to the delicate nature of this product, it is expected that it will experience some shifting in transit thus meaning you will not have whole pieces. We are unable to control the treatment of our packages once it leaves our center. 


Please keep this in mind and know that we will package the product as best as we can to prevent any unwanted damages or additional crumbling.  Remember, this is considered a snack size version of our Browniez and just like chips in a bag, you will have crumbs!  Get creative, use them as toppers for ice cream, or on top of yogurt!




Blondie Thinz

  • Shipping Expectations

    15 OZ resealable bag filled with crazy thin, Brownie treats! If you're an edges only kind of person, this is for you! It's a chewy, light and airy snack with a Bark like crunch.


    Packed with flavor, you won't be able to keep ya handz out the bag! The best part is that it's a guilt free snack! Got crumbs at the bottom of the bag? Don't throw them out!!!! Use the crumbs to put on top of some ice cream! Try freezing them for a cold crispy midnight snack!


    *Air will be filled inside of the bag to allow the product to settle during transit.



    Made with the following ingredients:


    • Non Fat Powdered Milk
    • Salt
    • Eggs
    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Vanilla Extract (Tahitian)
    • Palm Oil
    • Chocolate Drizzle (Buttafinga Thinz)
    • Sprinkles (Burfday Thinz)
    • White Chocolate Chips (Burfday Thinz)
    • Butterfinger Candy (Not available)