Est. 2018


       from a dream to reality...       

Originally started out as a small Cupcake Boutique in Fort Worth, TX in 2011, we decided that there was a little something missing that seemed to go unmentioned.  We decided to stop being followers and instead, become the leaders in the Brownie Industry instead 


The problem was that we were not listening to certain people that were not our customers. When someone would say they did not like cake, or we would see someone remove the frosting from your hand crafted beautiful piece of would make us cringe as a baker.  The problem is that not everyone cares for cake or overly sweet frosting.  So what do they care for? We have been in the dessert business since 2011 so we have had time to see what's been missing in the market. 


Currently the baking industry is heavily saturated with cake baking and cupcakes.  We have been in the dessert business since 2011 so we have had time to see what's been missing in the market. What's missing was something for non cake eaters!


Here at Swag Brownie Barz, we are offering what no other bakery or even your local coffee shop offers.  We hand make every order and use all natural, fresh ingredients. From Oven to Box is our process.  Every flavor may not be a fan favorite but we challenge you to open your mind to something new. We have a multitude of options to include our Flavor of the Month.  We are not just selling you Chocolate! We are far to bold for that.


Both our staff and owners are vibrant, creative bakers and believe in bringing high class and fun together. Swag Brownie Barz was created with that in mind. We wanted to grab the attention of someone like yourself that could relate to the phrase and bring awareness to our brand.  Our goal is to change the mindset and the perception of what people think when you hear the word "Brownie."  Our Logo was created with Graffiti font, and we use pops of Graffiti tags which speaks to the freedom of expression and ANONYMOUS creativity and that's what Swag Brownie Barz brings! 

Thanks for your support!