Discover the Difference Nature Makes

3 cups


3 cups


2 tsp.


1 cup


2 tsp.


2 tbsp.


1½ cups


We are a nut free company and we are working on a non dairy version of our Barz. The use of natural ingredients is what makes our products stand out.


  Zero additives, preservatives or food coloring's are ever used in our products. Because of this, our products have a shelf life span of about a week before refrigeration.


We use Whole Butter, Eggs, Vanilla, Spices, Real Chocolate, Fresh and Freeze Dried Fruit and when called for, A shot Alcohol for our Boozy Barz. Not to worry, this is for flavor and not for any other purpose.


In some cases a raising agent is to add a crisp touch to a specific Bar such as Cream of Tartar and that would be noted on the product. 

We believe that if you wanna indulge a little, then you can eat our products knowing, you did good your body good!


Made by people
Woman Baking

As consumers we are known to eat with our eyes first which means, if it looks good and although we have a funky cool name, we are still mad about the work that we put out to the public. What we make has to look  as well as taste delicious.  

You can rest assure knowing that your order will always be made by a person, and not a factory. We will never sell out to mass produce. That is why we strictly only sell online.

We currently bake inside of a licensed commercial kitchen in Dallas, TX and every order is hand made, same day baked and shipped out to you. 

We will never sacrifice the quality of our products by pre making our Brownies & Bars in advance. Everything that we make arrives to you as fresh as possible. 

We are official!

All of our products are individually packaged and labeled, sealed and placed in our custom shipping boxes and sent off with the select shipping of your choice. 


When you receive your order, you will have instructions on recommended way to consume and preserve our treats. Each box will also have our custom Graffiti printed tissue paper lined on top.  


We also include neon shot cups for a fun way of enjoying your Brownies & Bars with a shot of Milk. They are strictly novelty for fun and they are totally free with every order.  How cool is that!