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New Kid on Da block!

When Cake and Brownies met and had a baby but the kid got momma's looks and daddy's swag!


The perfect combination of fresh Buttercream Frosting layered between our signature Browniez and some extra flavor.  


It just doesn't get any better than this! Challenge your taste budz and pick your favorite today!


Select from a pack of 2 or grab a box of 4 and share the love! 

Image by Sean Sinclair

St. Patrick's Day Pay it forward  

Purchase a 4 Leaf Clover Box and a second St. Patrick's Day product during our St Patrick's Day Pre-Order Week and you are automatically considered for a chance to win our Lucky Swag Bunny Keychain!

We're certain that there's someone out there in your circle that had a shitty 2020. They probably feel down on their luck.


Gifts from the heart are always thoughtful and lets people know that they are not forgotten.

Receiver will be selected at random and the Swag Bunny will be included in your shipment. Only one recipient will be selected.

*Max ordering rules apply. 2 per check out

Image by Sean Sinclair

Swag Bunny

Perfect to hang on your keys, handbag, backpack, cell phone, purse! 

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Love Frosting? Love Browniez? Well we combined them both together with some unique flavorz for everyone! Trust us, it's not the same as cake...don't ever compare our Browniez to that shit!

You'll get banned from ordering ever again real quick haha..just kidding but seriously....don't!

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