Chocolate city

From Oven To Box

We make every order from scratch. That means no boxed brownies, zero preservatives EVER!   They are made to order and come in small batches.  Every order receives a full pan of  of brownies baked in a 9 x 13 inch dish. 


The edges although crispy and delicious, they do complicate how the barz fit into our packaging.  In some cases, edges are extremely dry as well. 


We prefer each bar to have a smooth sexy cut, and we want every bite to be soft and memorable so you keep coming back for more!


Once your order is made, it is then cooled, measured and cut, packaged, boxed and ready to ship. 

No matter how we cut our barz, the quantity  per order is still the same.


Make Yo "Bedrock"

What's Inside!

We hand cut our Barz with precision which gives our product a seamless, and edge-less size to ensure that each one fits perfectly into our packaging


Each order comes with a half dozen (6) Extra Large Barz which can serve up to 12 if you cut each bar in half or in 4ths making them  fun  shareable  guilt free sizes! 


Trust us, our barz are not the industry size and not  your momma's Browniez! They are BIG AZZ BARZ! They scale the palm of your hand!  It's like 2 brownies put together. If you don't believe us,  just buy a box and see for yourself!

We package our barz in individual clear, resealable food grade bags so you can always snack on a little now and save the rest for later!  They also keep well frozen for up to 3 months.